What do we do?

Sugarbox embeds Edges deep within the Service Provider and User Networks

Sugarbox is solving both sides of the core problem: Ever-increasing user demand & limitation of networks to reach everyone, everywhere. By getting closer to users than ever before, Sugarbox drives an enhanced user experience. By leveraging Local Area Networks, the platform extends the reach of the Internet to the underserved & unserved.

Sugarbox embeds Edges deep within Service Provider & User Networks

Sugarbox Edge Cloud

  • icon Edge Nodes deployed deep within the Networks (Telco Distributed DCs & MSCs + ISP City DCs & Area Clusters)
  • icon Faster time to first byte (vs current CDNs)
  • icon Support for ultra-low latency requirements like AR, VR, Connected Mobility, etc.

Sugarbox Hyperlocal Edge Cloud

  • icon First in the world. Utility patent grants in US and India. Priority filing, pending grant in 120+ countries
  • icon Nodes deployed deep within Local Area Networks, at User Points of Presence (Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Rural, Retail, Hospitality, Education, Healthcare, Public Places, Public Transport vehicles & Transport hubs, etc.)
  • icon Fastest time to first byte
  • icon Support for Mobile Data Offload, Edge Cloud use cases in areas with intermittent or patchy access
How do we do?

The Proof is in the Pudding. And it’s already in play!

Sugarbox already boasts of Marquee Digital Services that have adopted the Edge Cloud Platform for enhanced content delivery, innovative payment solutions, reaching unserved audiences & more. On the Network side, Sugarbox has revolutionized Digital access in Public transport and Rural India and is on its way to impact over 350 mn Indians by 2024.