What do we do?

Sugarbox is reimagining the Internet Ecosystem for the Future

The Sugarbox Edge Cloud provides the best-in-class user experience for your platforms by embedding, caching and computing infrastructure deep within the Internet networks. The Hyperlocal Edge Cloud provides seamless access at points of concentrated user demand like Commercial complexes, Residential projects, Malls, Public Transport Hubs, Rural Areas and much more.

Sugarbox embeds Edges deep within Service Provider & User Networks
How do we do it?

Sugarbox extends your reach to the Underserved and Unserved

Be it geographies where the internet is yet to reach (like aircrafts, remote locations). Or where the Networks are patchy (like on-the-go, rural areas). Or even when your potential user doesn’t have an active internet connection – the Hyperlocal Edge Cloud mimics the Cloud functionality - so that the end-user no longer loses access to your platform.

The value that we create

Benefits for Digital Services from the Sugarbox Edge Cloud Platform

  • icon Reach new user cohorts & create new captive & near-captive use cases.
  • icon Lower total cost of ownership for users through zero rated data access zones.
  • icon Substantially improve user experience.
  • icon Derive contextual insights for hyper-targeted advertising & user recommendations.
  • icon Ensure consistent experience across usage peaks, irrespective how large the demand.
  • icon Improve monetization with higher stickiness, enhanced ad delivery & payments that never fail.