Market Scenario

Current Economics don’t add up for over 70% subscribers

The Indian scenario is truly unique – With one of the highest spectrum costs, and the lowest data rates in the world, the current Telco economics can’t sustain long-term. Moreover, the bulk of growth over the next decade is expected from Rural India and the economics there are even more strained.

Strained UnitEx

  • icon Highest spectrum Cost in the world ($0.06*/MHZ/PoP/year)
  • icon One of the lowest data charges in the world is $0.05

Business model that works only in dense, High ARPU areas

  • icon CapEx + OpEx is similar for 1 area anywhere
  • icon ROI - No. of subscribers X ARPU (Urban↑ | Rural↓)

The onus to connect the next billion lies on networks, but digital services are the ones who will benefit from the same.

The Solution

The Edge is at the forefront in powering Networks of the Future

The Edge is crucial for existing networks to cater to the data hungry user and ever-increasing demand of new technologies. Sugarbox has the widest & the deepest Edge footprint optimizing network capacity and enabling Networks to leverage third party networks to improve coverage & save spectrum.

Redefine the ecosystem

Reimagining the Business Model for the Internet Ecosystem

The current ecosystem is fragmented. Sugarbox bridges the gap between the Internet Infrastructure & the Internet Economy to create a symbiotic revenue model, where Networks can earn from User consumption as well, making it viable for them even to connect Rural India sustainably.

Sugarbox embeds Edges deep within Service Provider & User Networks
Driving Impact

Benefits for Networks from the Sugarbox Edge Cloud Platform

  • icon Offloading Coverage & Capacity to third-party Networks.
  • icon Driving best-in-class QoS & user experience across the Network.
  • icon Enhancing Network Capacity with caching layers at the last mile.
  • icon Driving futuristic Edge Cloud use cases for first-party Digital Services & Enterprise customers.
  • icon Reducing peering requirements.
  • icon Adding new streams of revenue, with a substantial addition to the bottomline.